Line Scan Trigger for microEnable 5 marathon VCX QP with TrgBoxLine Operator Usage

Brief Description

File: \examples\Processing\Trigger\mE5-MA-VCX-QP\Line\

Default Platform: mE5-MA-VCX-QP

Short Description

VisualApplets prototype operator TrgBoxLine can be used for for line scan triggering. The operator includes multiple triggering features. The example demonstrates the usage of the operator in a VisualApplets design file for mE5-MA-VCX-QP platform. For parameters of "TrgBoxLine" on this platform please read corresponding operator documentation under 'TrgBoxLine' Note that in comparison to operator TrgPortLine on mE4VD4-CL/PoCL the operator does not directly control the IOs. Therefore, it is required to connect to the IOs respectively.