Basic Design Theory

The following tutorial will guide you through the basic principles of VisualApplets step by step. Don't miss the getting started tutorial before you continue with the following sections. The getting started tutorial can be found in Getting Started.

  1. 'Applet Parameterization'

    The first tutorial uses the VisualApplets design implemented in the getting started guide. It will show the parameterization of operators and links in a more detailed context. You will learn how settings can influence the design and you will learn on how to solve conflicts.

  2. ' Multiple DMA Channel Designs '

    In this tutorial, the use of multiple DMAs in one design is shown. In detail, a threshold binarization as well as an image selection is implemented. You will learn how to binarize images and how to count and remove images from a sequence.

    The example will include all required steps of the development including implementation, verification by using the simulation and the usage in hardware.

  3. ' Synchronization of Asynchronous Image Pipelines '

    The third tutorial outlines two synchronization examples. You will learn how to merge the images of two camera sources. One example will present an image overlay of the images of port B to the images of port A. The second example shows a simple image stitching.